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Safeway Transportation was started by the current President, Greg Stewart in 1988, with two goals in mind;

1.  Create a specialized transportation company that would give unparalleled service and value to its customers while putting the safety of  it's drivers, and the general public first, as our name implies.

2. Give drivers and employee's a workplace environment where they can grow personally as well as financially.

Over the years Safeway Transportation has grown into a diverse company, expanding into Petro Chemicals, Dry Bulk, LPG, and ISO Containers.  Yet our initial goals have not changed.  Safeway Transportation continues to strive toward these two objectives while staying on the cutting edge of the transportation industries ever changing scope of technology and compliance.

I hope that if you are a prospective customer, driver or employee, that you will give us a closer look, I believe you will like what you find.